Rumor: Theaters Are Expecting \’Something\’ From Disney Tomorrow



Over the last couple weeks we’ve been hearing rumors that theaters were expecting some kind of special shipment from Disney this coming weekend. Many believe this could be the new trailer for The Force Awakens, based on all of the rumors.

A friend of ours spoke to their theater yesterday and the manager told them they were expecting something from Disney tomorrow (Thursday the 15th). Last night I was at my favorite theater in person and heard the same thing, they show something in transit that’s due either tomorrow or Friday. Other theaters in the area wouldn’t comment on what might be on the way to them. There are a lot of people thinking it can’t be anything Star Wars, but from what we’ve heard that’s the only major release they’re expecting stuff from out of Disney this year:

  • Bridge of Spies: Disney is distributing this movie for Dreamworks and it hits theaters this weekend, but many theaters already have their copies of the movie due to advance screenings, etc.
  • Jungle Book: Theaters received the first teaser trailer and poster for this 2016 release a couple of weeks ago.
  • The Good Dinosaur: The final trailer and poster for November’s Pixar movie arrived at theaters recently. The poster is already on display and the trailer is playing on appropriate films.

With The Force Awakens the last major Disney release of 2015, it’s widely believed that marketing material for it is in this package from Disney. We’ll just have to wait until this weekend to see if there are any truth to the rumors.