The Force Awakens Has NOT Been Rated Yet


Force Awakens RatedThere is a source of panic among some Star Wars fans based on some false reporting that Star Wars: The Force Awakens has already been rated by the MPAA and BBFC. The movie has not yet been rated by either the US or UK ratings boards, but since such a story brings with it lots of traffic you’re seeing it being reported widely around the internet this week.

There are two different sources for the rating panic. The first came from Following the Nerd who posted a screenshot of some listing showing The Force Awakens with a 136 minute running time and a UK rating of “12A – TBC”. The “TBC” on that rating means “To Be Confirmed” as the BBFC has not yet rated The Force Awakens and probably won’t do so for another month. You can see The Force Awakens on the BBFC’s site right here. The UK ratings board usually doesn’t issue a classification more than thirty days before release. So that “12A – TBC” rating is only speculative.

The second source of ratings panic came from an article this week on The Wrap who threw this out there:

“Universal is the only studio to directly go up against Han Solo, debuting “Sisters,” its raunchy and R-rated comedy starring Tina Fey, Amy Poehler and Maya Rudoloph, on the same day that the PG-13-rated “The Force Awakens” opens.”

PG-13 is the MPAA, the ratings board for the US. A friend of ours, who has access to such information, actually picked up the phone and called the MPAA to check if The Force Awakens has even been submitted for a rating yet. It has not. So again, saying it is PG-13 is just The Wrap speculating as to what they believe it will be rated.

We’re not far from The Force Awakens now, but both the MPAA and BBFC publicly post ratings when a film is given one. It’s not something they keep secret. Until you see the MPAA posting the rating for The Force Awakens on their site or the BBFC on their site, it’s not a real rating.