Is Preparing for a Trailer Release?



Last night our buds at The Cantina Cast noticed something very interesting on They did a minor redesign on the site, adding a spot for a video player at the very top of the page so it’s the first thing anyone sees when they visit.

Right now the video player is showing the NYCC trailer for Star Wars Rebels, which has its season two premiere tomorrow night on Disney XD, so it’s a little strange for a site redesign to be done for something that comes and goes tomorrow. Instead, it’s possible this was done to give prime site real estate for the new Force Awakens trailer, which may be placed there as early as Friday morning.

If you’re going to release a trailer the entire world wants to see, it’s extremely smart to make it the first thing someone sees when they hit the site. That top section could easily feature the new Drew Struzan artwork on the left with the new trailer embedded on the right so whenever someone visits over the weekend they’d find the trailer right away and it would shatter the YouTube views record in no time.

Then on Monday people could buy their tickets for The Force Awakens and the hype train would be away.