AMC Theaters App Confirms the Star Wars Marathon


Screenshot taken on my iPad in the AMC Theaters app.

Back in April we learned that AMC Theaters were planning a marathon of all six Star Wars movies before the release of The Force Awakens.

A month ago Star Wars Junk posted a Tweet that AMC reportedly deleted advertising the marathon. AMC Theaters came out and publicly called the Tweet a Photoshop fake, but now there is more proof that the marathon is actually happening and the proof is right there in AMC’s mobile app.

The above image was taken on my iPad tonight when you search for “Star Wars” on the app. The marathon is not listed on the official AMC Theaters website yet, so this only appears to be something on the mobile app.

It’s not known how long the mistake will be listed there, but I saw it for myself and took a screenshot of it off my iPad (if you view the above image in full you’ll see it’s at an iPad resolution). Obviously AMC will delete this listing and accuse it of being another Photoshop fake, but it is (for now) viewable on their app.