The Coen\’s \’Hail Caesar\’ May Be the Closest We\’ll Ever Get to a Lebowski Sequel


hail-caesar-tatumThe Coen Brothers don’t make sequels, but their new film Hail Caesar looks to be cut from the same comedic cloth that made the Big Lebowski such a classic.

Universal released the first trailer for the movie releasing in February today, and just from this short tease it looks like the Coens are back in Lebowski mode. The humor and look of the movie, set in Hollywood’s heyday, is so close to that of Lebowski that it almost seems like a prequel in tone.

The Big Lebowski is by far one of my favorite movies of all time, and one that I can endlessly watch without becoming tired of it. If Hail Caesar can match that sense of humor, as this first teaser appears to, there may be a second Coen comedy joining The Dude on that pedestal.