Deciphering The Force Awakens Trailer Release Date


The Force Awakens Teaser 2Over the last few days there have been a myriad of release dates coming out for the new Force Awakens trailer. We’ve heard a date backed up by a lot of other evidence over the last couple weeks, but there’s another camp that believes a second date.

Firstly the date of the 16th, this coming Friday. We heard this from a trusted source we’ve known for years. One thing causing us to believe this source when they heard the trailer was “confirmed” for next Friday is that they aren’t your typical “Star Wars” person and they’re actually someone who is trying to avoid spoilers. So it’s not just some anonymous person with a throwaway email telling us that the trailer is “confirmed” for next Friday. Also, hearing it from that source makes a lot of sense for them to know that it would be going online on that day.

We’re hearing October 15th is going to be a huge day for Star Wars fans! #theforceawakens #StarWars

— The Movie Bit (@themoviebit) September 16, 2015


Backing up the 16th date was a Tweet (above) a few weeks ago by The Movie Bit who said October 15th would be a big day for Star Wars. They previously broke some decent sized Star Wars news, so I trust them.

Noah at Star Wars Time emailed his theater general manager and found out they were expecting a package from Disney that could contain the trailer between October 15th and 19th. This backs up an email that Star Wars Junk received from a Carmike Theater in Columbus Georgia that said the trailer would be out in the middle of the month. And just tonight Star Wars Junk also heard that the trailer would be announced on the 15th, this coming Thursday and a day that traditionally drops big bombs on social media.

Also today Jordan of Cinelinx has heard that Lucasfilm does plan some kind of teaser for the trailer. There’s speculation that it could air during the season premiere of Star Wars Rebels this Wednesday night (the 14th):

This trailer stuff is humorous to sit back & watch. I've heard there'll be a fun tease/announcement for it, never heard when. #StarWars

— Jordan Maison (@JordanMaison) October 9, 2015


On the other end of the spectrum are those who are adamant that it’ll release on the 19th. This date originated from Star Wars 7 News (who are in the process of changing their name to who says the trailer is out on December 19th. Schmoes Know tweeted that it would be out on the 19th with an announcement on Sunday the 18th. It’s unknown if they’re going off the SW7N news or they’ve heard the same thing from other sources. The Collider Jedi Council today reported on this and agreed with it. However there is honestly a lot more evidence (and precedence) pointing to an online release around the 15th or 16th as opposed to a Sunday announcement and Monday release.

Either way, whether we get the trailer on the 15th/16th or 18th/19th, from all the buzz around it really sounds like we’ll be watching the new trailer for The Force Awakens by next weekend. And that’s something to get excited about.