This Week\’s The Force Awakens Non-News: No Disney Logo



In a stunning bit a non-news, Star Wars fans are reacting to the realization that The Force Awakens will not feature a Disney logo before the movie.

A poster on Reddit was at a college Skype session with Disney CEO Bob Iger that involved him talking to about 500 students and during the session he confirmed that the movie would just feature the Lucasfilm logo at the beginning. Just like all of the Marvel films just feature the Marvel Studios logo, the Star Wars movies will only feature the Lucasfilm one.

Really this is only “news” to that contingent of “Disney Sux!” people on the internet who were convinced that Disney buying Lucasfilm would result in them ruining Star Wars just like they destroyed both Pixar and Marvel after those purchases. But since both Pixar and Marvel are more successful than ever (both creatively and financially) after Disney bought them, that line of thinking was never actually part of reality.

The only real question is if they’ll stick with the new Lucasfilm logo the second teaser used, or if Lucasfilm will receive a cool 3D animated logo like Marvel has. The fanfare will likely be the same as the one on the digital releases.