The World Premiere of The Force Awakens is December 14th



Those suspecting JJ Abrams will keep people from seeing his secret Star Wars movie as long as possible are correct, as the world premiere of The Force Awakens has been set. Instead of premiering a week or more before the release date, the new Star Wars movie won’t be shown to anyone until three days before release.

The Hollywood Reporter has learned that The Force Awakens will premiere in Los Angeles on December 14th:

“The Los Angeles premiere is sure to be one of the hottest tickets in recent Hollywood history, with executives, agents and journalists jockeying for a coveted invite. In addition, Disney is attempting to keep the film’s secrets under wraps, so there will be minimal screenings for press and cast and crew in advance of the premiere. “

Of course sites who only post Star Wars stuff for hits will try to twist the lack of press screenings into doom and gloom that the movie is crap, when everyone knows it’s just JJ Abrams and his ultra secrecy fetish that’s causing that. But expect to see some film blogs declare the movie a failure because they didn’t get a special screening before the premiere.