The New Force Awakens Trailer Should Be Online By October 16th


The Force Awakens Teaser 2
We’ve covered all of the rumored dates, from the 15th through the 19th, right here.

Yesterday a rumor came out that we’d see the new trailer for The Force Awakens on October 19th, which happens to be a Monday and the day many theaters will begin to sell tickets. At the same time our buddy Noah at Star Wars Time emailed his theater general manager and found out they have a package from Disney due to arrive between the 15th and 19th.

So is it true? Are we getting the new Force Awakens trailer on October 19th? It is, from a certain pint of view.

As Noah’s email alluded, theaters should be receiving the trailer next weekend…although it’s apparently not attached to any specific movie. They will receive the trailer on an encrypted hard drive as normal and then Disney will deliver the KDM to them to unlock the hard drive and they’d be able to play the trailer on their screens.

Based on trusted sources, the trailer should be online by next Friday October 16th. It’s entirely possible will do one of their traditional big Thursday surprises on the 15th and drop the trailer, or they’re going for the roll out like the first teaser last November where it’s released online early Friday morning.

With the trailer not specifically attached to a specific movie, that means it could show up on any movie that weekend. Disney is distributing Dreamwork’s Bridge of Spies that weekend, but it’s also possible theaters could put it on everything like they did with the first teaser.

So unless Disney pulls an epic audible at the last minute, we’re only a week and a half away from the full theatrical trailer for The Force Awakens.