Darth Plagueis Has Nothing to Do With Rey in The Force Awakens


Darth Plagueis Rey Force AwakensOne of the most persistent (and bogus) fan theories about The Force Awakens was that the staff that Rey carries is actually that of Darth Plageuis. The theory goes that the staff is the same one that the Plagueis action figure carried and as such is possessed by the spirit of the Sith Lord who would take over Rey or something.

It’s really a dumb theory that only fans could come up with, as there’s no way Lucasfilm would do something like that in one of the most important movies they’ve ever made. Thankfully we now know what the staff really means, and it amounts to nothing at all.

MakingStarWars.net has posted some information about what Rey’s life is like on Jakku, and included some information about her controversial staff:

“All of this brings me to “The Staff of Darth Plagueis.” Rey doesn’t own it or anything like it. From what I’ve heard, Rey has the staff because it is all she can afford. It is the common weapon of the scavenger types. Weapons are expensive and everything Rey has, from her house (inoperable AT-AT) to her speeder, are things she’s found on Jakku’s battlefield graveyards. Because of the time that has gone by since the Battle of Jakku, even the majority of guns she has managed to find aren’t in actual working order. So Rey has a staff and there’s nothing special about it. It is the common weapon on Jakku. I’ve heard the handgun she possess might be for show and not even work as well, but that’s not entirely confirmed yet.”

So it’s just a staff. Just a tool all scavengers on Jakku use. Hopefully this will crush the stupid Darth Plagueis rumors once and for all, but even Abrams saying “NO” to them at SDCC didn’t do that. Fans would rather believe their “headcanon” than what’s really happening in the movie.