Rumor: Why You May Wait Until Thanksgiving for the New Star Wars Trailer


TheGoodDinosaurOver the last couple of days the rumors of a November release for the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer have been building steam. Based on the history of recent Star Wars trailers for the Prequels, it’s very possible that people will be waiting until November 25th to see the trailer.

Except for The Phantom Menace, the Prequels debuted their trailers with a Pixar film. This was before Lucasfilm was owned by Disney (although they did found Pixar). Attack of the Clones debuted its teaser with Monsters Inc., and Revenge of the Sith debuted its with The Incredibles. So there’s precedence there, which is why some were expecting some kind of trailer with Inside Out this past summer.

But for the first time ever Disney has a second Pixar film out in 2015 and it’s landing on November 25th. The Good Dinosaur is going to be Disney’s big Thanksgiving release this year, just a few short weeks before the release of their biggest movie of 2015. Disney will have their target audiences in theaters to see Pixar’s latest (which is pretty great based on the ten minutes I’ve seen) and they’ll be able to wow them with the full trailer for The Force Awakens.

With Abrams’ secrecy in not wanting to show much for the movie, it makes sense on their part to hold the full trailer for Thanksgiving. Putting it on Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur would make the release an even larger event for Disney on a major holiday in the US when a lot of people will be packing theaters after eating their Thanksgiving meal.

So those people threatening to boycott The Good Dinosaur because we haven’t seen the trailer yet may end up boycotting the trailer they want to see so bad.