The Jaws 19 Trailer is Here!



Everyone is getting into the Back to the Future Part II mood this month as October 21st is the actual day that Marty travelled to 2015, and Universal has released the trailer for Jaws 19.

I don’t know about you, but I think Robo Jaws (Jaws 8) sounds pretty awesome. And what about Jaws 11, in space? That’d be pretty amazing. The reboots and prequels (and prequel sequels) could be skipped, but there are a couple Jaws installments there that would’ve made great SyFy movies. Ivan Sharkovsky is a character that would’ve gone down as a classic in Jaws 15.

Here’s the full Jaws 19 trailer. I guess the movie will be in theaters by October 21st if BTTF2 is anything to go by: