Rumor: The New Force Awakens Trailer is \’Done\’


the-force-awakensThe rollercoaster ride that is the new trailer for The Force Awakens continues, with the latest rumor saying that the trailer is done.

If this is true, it would mean that the trailer really could just be a couple weeks away. The rumor comes from our buddy Jordan over at Cinelix, who just Tweeted:

#StarWars trailer is "done" & making it's rounds about Disney corp…so are a handful of TV spots…But release is still nebulous.

— Jordan Maison (@JordanMaison) October 5, 2015


Previously there was a rumor that the trailer would be out in the middle of October, but this weekend another came out that it wouldn’t be until November. If the trailer really is making the rounds at Disney it could be only a couple of weeks away based on how it worked with the last two teasers. Once those began circulating at Disney they came out within a couple weeks…