Marvel is Planning a Civil War II Comic Event


spider-man-civil-warMarvel’s Secret Wars event is running down, and now it looks like they’re sending out a teaser for a Civil War II comic next year.

The teaser is in the form of a postcard showing the new Iron Man facing off against the Sam Wilson Cap in a post very similar to the original Civil War’s art:

Sooo…is this @Marvel announcing Civil War 2?

— Ryan Higgins (@RyanHigginsRyan) October 5, 2015


With Captain America: Civil War coming out next spring, it’s not shocking that Marvel would do a tie-in comic event. Also, the original Civil War has been (and remains to be) one of the top-selling comic graphic novels over the last decade so it makes financial sense for Marvel to cash in on that with a sequel.

As this teaser is coming out right before New York Comic Con, maybe we’ll hear something official from the con when it takes place later this month?