Anonymous People On the Internet Don\’t Get Secret Force Awakens Screenings


the-force-awakens-teaser-2-23It seems like every few weeks another random anonymous person online claims to have seen some kind of secret screening of The Force Awakens. They proceed to go to a message board (usually Reddit) and host their own little iAmA where they proceed the spew crazy fan fiction in a desperate grasp for attention.

Random anonymous people on the internet do not get to see one of the most secret movies ever made. In fact the number of people who have seen the movie from beginning to end could probably be counted on one hand. People who are working on the movie, be it in effects or the score, wouldn’t go and host a public Q&A on Reddit due to the NDA they signed where they basically sign away not only their life but the lives of their entire family if they were to do something like that.

People have seen the movie. But they aren’t the sort who would go on a random subreddit and do a public Q&A where vague fan fiction is posted as answers. These are people like those working in the visual effects or some of the high-end licensing. There was even a rumor that some screenings for investors, the type of which have billions invested in Disney, would be happening soon. Someone with that much money probably doesn’t even know what Reddit is.

But some fans starved for any new information about the movie become weak when they see a thread like that begin. Most just laugh it off, but that doesn’t stop these things from getting the attention the original poster wanted in the first place.

We’re only a couple weeks away from the next trailer. That should hold people over until next month when TV spots should begin shortly after Thanksgiving. And then in December The Force Awakens will be here, and it’s pretty safe to assume the final line in the movie won’t be Luke crying “My baby girl!”.