New Rumor About Finn\’s Name and Backstory in The Force Awakens (Mild Spoilers)


the-force-awakens-teaserWARNING: The below post will contain mild spoilers about a character in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Tread carefully if you don’t want to know what could be a some detailed backstory for Finn and what his name really is.

For a long time people have speculated what Finn’s last name could be in The Force Awakens. Is he a Calrissian? It would appear that at least in the first movie of this new trilogy there’s no apparent connection between him and any “Legacy” character…

Cinelinx has some details about Finn’s name and his backstory in The Force Awakens. We’ll summarize it here as they do a good job going into detail on each point:

  • Finn is the name he uses because he doesn’t know or remember his real name. It’s a shorter version of his Stormtrooper designation FN-2187.
  • He knows how to use a lightsaber because the First Order trains certain Stormtroopers to fight with a lightsaber and shield, just like the old Ralph McQuarrie concept art.
  • He’s a protege of Captain Phasma, which explains why she appears to hunt him down when he goes AWOL in the movie.

Be sure to check out the full article at Cinelinx as they go into some good speculation as to what all of this could mean and why the First Order would train Stormtroopers to use a lightsaber.