Disneyland Undergoing a Controversial Change for Star Wars


star-wars-landWhenever Disney adds something new to Disneyland Park, there’s always a large contingent of people on the internet who fear change, but the Star Wars Land project is a whole other animal.

While Disney fans are accepting of “non-Disney creations” such as the thirty-year-old Star Tours in Tomorrowland, the insanely popular Indiana Jones Adventure in Adventureland, and all of the Pixar stuff Disney has added to the parks since buying the company, the thought of a Star Wars Land causes massive panic on social media. Because Walt Disney didn’t create Star Wars, these Disney-nuts claim it has no place in Disneyland…despite most of the park additions since the 70s not having been created by Walt Disney.

So on top of that psychosis, the upcoming modifications to the Disneyland Railroad and the Rivers of America have caused these crazies to go full nutbar and spew death threats towards Disney for pissing on Walt’s grave.

The gist of the issue is that the below area will be modified to fit Star Wars Land in the backstage areas to the North:


The railroad will be re-routed with a more Southern curve, and the Rivers of America will be shortened and rerouted. Disney confirmed the Rivers rerouting on their official Twitter:

@ZachTWB Hi, Zach. The Rivers of America will have a new route when it reopens.

— Disneyland Today (@DisneylandToday) September 30, 2015


What’s so crazy about this whole situation and what these people refuse to acknowledge or admit is that this isn’t the first time massive changes have happened to either the Railroad or a popular river in the park:

  • When It’s a Small World was added to Fantasyland in the 60s the Railroad was altered to fit the ride facade within the berm. This altered the original “Walt Disney” footprint of the park, but you didn’t hear people screaming bloody murder over it because there was no internet in the 60s.
  • When the Dinosaurs were added to the end of the Grand Circle Tour the train tracks were again changed.
  • In the 90s when the Indiana Jones Adventure was being built they closed and rerouted Walt Disney’s original Monorail around the show building. This was only 20 years ago, but people seem to have forgotten about that.
  • Also during the construction of the Indiana Jones Adventure the famous Jungle Cruise (also a Walt original) was shortened and slightly re-routed to fit the Indiana Jones Adventure temple. It’s similar to what people are freaking out over this week in regards to the Rivers of America.

Unlike the shortening and rerouting of the Jungle Cruise, which was an area guests would see and take part in, the area of Tom Sawyer’s Island that is going away in this project is completely off-limits to guests. It’s basically the area to the North of Fort Wilderness, and the fort has been closed to guest access for more than a decade. It closed forever when the island reopened following the river’s draining (which happens every seven years) in 2003.

So these people sending death threats to Disney for “taking their Disneyland” away aren’t actually losing anything they could actually experience in 2015. They’re getting rid of unused areas, replacing it with a 14-acre new land, and sprucing up Tom Sawyer’s Island and the Rivers of America with NEW show scenes they can see while they ride the boats.

That’s only a bad thing if you have mental issues.