Fans Look Forward to CGI in The Force Awakens


the-force-awakens-behind-the-scenesAfter a summer of Lucasfilm cramming “practical effects” marketing down fans throats, a new survey shows they want more advanced CGI in The Force Awakens.

Variety has the results of a new fan survey conducted by Harris Interactive that surveyed 2,031 adults in the US, and one result of the survey is a direct slap in the face to Lucasfilm’s “PRACTICAL EFFECTS” talking point that they shouted to every fan audience over the summer:

“Just 15% of fans surveyed cited director J.J. Abrams as fueling their high hopes for “Force Awakens.” Most of the excitement surrounds VFX: 36% of respondents said “more advanced CGI” technology is a reason it will be the best “Star Wars” movie yet. Meanwhile, 25% cited a “more interesting story”; another 25% expect the movie to be “more true to the ‘Star Wars’ series”; and 14% pointed to a better cast.”

These are real fans responding to a real survey. It was only a matter of time before the “practical effects” rhetoric blew up, and this survey is a great example that most fans don’t really care as long as the effects are done well.