A Brief History of Unaltered Original Trilogy False Hopes


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Last week’s brief internet freak out when John Landis claimed that Disney is releasing the original unaltered Original Trilogy is yet another example of why people shouldn’t get too excited over something that may or may not happen. It seems like every couple of months someone claims to have “proof” of Disney releasing what a vocal minority demands, but it never seems to pan out that way. Here are just a few recent examples of false hopes that didn’t happen.

In January of 2014 i09’s letter section declared that Disney would release the unaltered Original Trilogy because they like money (ignoring the fact that Fox owns A New Hope forever):

“There are several reasons for this, but mainly 1) Disney doesn’t have the emotional hang-ups that Lucas does and they aren’t trying to prove anything, and 2) they really like money, and they know there’s a sizable market for the pre-special edition movies. George Lucas released only the special editions because he thought they were the better versions of the films, but this time the soulless, mercenary corporation is working for us because they don’t give a shit about artistic integrity. There’s no reason for them to ignore this easy revenue stream.”

In August of 2014, ComicBook.com claimed that Disney will release the unaltered Original Trilogy on Blu-Ray before The Force Awakens hits theaters:

“Our sources did not have an exact date as to when the original cut of the Star Wars Trilogy would be released on Blu-ray, due to the challenges Disney has encountered in pulling everything together. However, our sources indicated the goal is to have it ready and released before Star Wars Episode VII is released in theaters.”


Lucas told people in 1995 the original versions would never be released again.

While not exactly the real unaltered Original Trilogy, in April of this year Birth.Movies.Death claimed that the Digital Editions of the movies would feature Han shooting first:

“If my sources are correct – and we’ll know in about 24 hours – Han will now shoot first in this edition of Star Wars. It’s probably one of the most egregious changes made to the Original Trilogy (and a lot of those changes were egregious) and now, almost two decades after it was included in the Special Edition, it will be gone.”

That was quickly proven wrong as Dark Horizons was able to get access to the iTunes copy due to the International Date Line and confirm they were the Blu-Ray cuts as everyone expected.

Which of course brings us to last week’s internet freak-out over John Landis claiming that DISNEY would be releasing the unaltered Original Trilogy, and by now people should know better to believe every thing they hear about the unaltered Original Trilogy coming out in high-def. Especially if that person is claiming that Disney is releasing A New Hope. Even the upcoming [easyazon_link identifier=”B013JAFWLE” locale=”US” nf=”y” tag=”furiofanbo-20″]Steelbook Blu-Ray re-releases[/easyazon_link] are 20th Century Fox home video discs, not Disney.

Entertainment Weekly’s Anthony Breznican had a very sane response to the Landis “news”

@JFreports Beware of anything that says *Disney* is releasing original Star Wars. Fox is still the distributor of those.

— Anthony Breznican (@Breznican) September 19, 2015


Until 2020 only Fox can release all six moves on physical home video (digital is a different matter). After 2020 Disney can release the movies, but Fox owns A New Hope in perpetuity.