The Star Wars Ultimate Soundtrack Collection Isn\’t Really \’Ultimate\’


starwars-ultimate-cd-collectionOn January 8, Sony will re-release the soundtracks for the original six Star Wars movies in a new Ultimate Soundtrack Collection, but the collection’s name is a bit deceiving.

Available on vinyl, CD, and digitally the collection will feature all six original soundtracks as well as a DVD documentary hosted by Ian McDiarmid and a bonus CD featuring interviews with John Williams and Harrison Ford. The vinyl versions are said to be remastered from the highest-resolution possible, but there’s no word yet if the CDs have been as well.

If they haven’t been, you may want to save your money as this seems to just be a repackaging of the existing discs and it doesn’t include the two-disc Ultimate Edition of The Phantom Menace’s soundtrack. The CD version has the soundtracks on nine discs. That’s two discs for each of the Original Trilogy soundtracks and one disc for each Prequel. The tenth disc is the bonus CD.

It’s not really an “Ultimate” collection if they omit the two-disc version of The Phantom Menace and they limit the other two Prequels to the existing single-disc releases. Maybe someday we’ll see a true “Ultimate” soundtrack collection, but as of now this one just looks like a cash-in.