Anonymous Message Board Poster Claims Battlefront is \’Broken\’



Most gamers remember the problems EA DICE faced when they rushed out Battlefield 4, and now an anonymous poster on a gaming message board claims that Battlefront is just as broken.

The “news” comes from CraveOnline who cites a NeoGAF poster who decided to break his Battlefront Alpha NDA to post the following:

“I’ve been Alpha testing a few games and I can say Battlefront is a complete mess and is broken. Considering that their deadline for the game is in a few weeks and they still haven’t fixed the majority of the in game problems let alone the connection problem me and other testers were having, yes it’s going to be a mess. And even a day 1 patch won’t fix all of them, I don’t know too much outside what I played, but the game is indeed rushed and it’s all because of Episode 7 releasing this December.”

The current “Alpha” test, and the upcoming Beta that begins on October 8th, is basically just a public version of the 2015 E3 Demo that hundreds of people played not only at E3 but at San Diego Comic Con in July and D23 Expo in August. Sure the two levels (Hoth and Tatooine) are relatively limited, but we played the E3 demo multiple times and didn’t see any game-breaking issues. People playing at the other demo conventions didn’t as well, otherwise there’d be more outcry over the game being “broken”.

We’ll all know whether or not this is true on October 8th. On that day the current closed Alpha goes public in the form of a beta on the PC, PS4, and Xbox One. If the game is “broken” and being rushed because of The Force Awakens, then everyone will know for themselves in just about a week and a half.