Rumor: The Spaceknights May Appear in Guardians of the Galaxy 2


spaceknightWe won’t see ROM himself, as Marvel doesn’t own the character, but there’s a new rumor that the Spaceknights will appear in Guardians of the Galaxy 2.

The rumor comes from Daily Superhero who has heard that the Spaceknights will appear in the sequel. They point out that James Gunn talked about his fondness for Rom on a podcast, but since Marvel doesn’t own the character they couldn’t use him. Marvel CAN use the “Spaceknights” so that is a definite possibility.

Another thing the site points out is that Marvel is resurrecting the Spaceknights in comics this fall. Venom: Spaceknight is one of the new post-Secret Wars comics Marvel is releasing, and it’s well known that Marvel will build up a character in the comics about 18 months before they are featured in a movie. With them bringing back the Spaceknights in the cosmic universe, it really helps this rumor be believable…