Threepio Turns Against Master Luke


c3po-lukeNot long after trashing the Prequels in a recent interview, Anthony Daniels has turned his superlaser towards Mark Hamill.

In an interview with the Daily Mirror tabloid in the UK, Anthony Daniels praised how invincible Harrison Ford appears in his old age, but when it came to Mark Hamill:

“Poor Mark,” Daniels said. “He was a young lovely looking lad when he was first Luke Skywalker and now… well…”


It’s always possible the quote is pulled out of context to make it more sensational, it IS the Mirror tabloid after all. It’s possible he was just joking. But still, look what he said about Kenny Baker:

“He’s not actually on the set,” scoffs Anthony, with a wave of his hand uncannily similar to his droid alter ego.

“I haven’t seen him for years. His name is on the credits as a sort of… I don’t know, a good luck charm, a courtesy. He’s a talisman.”