Rumor: Hyperspace Mountain Will Open Early in Disneyland


hyperspace-mountain-disneyland-star-warsIf a recent rumor is true, you may be able to ride the Star Wars Space Mountain overlay “Hyperspace Mountain” as early as this November at Disneyland.

This rumor began floating around last week around Thursday and Friday and it really sounds like it may be happening now. Basically once the Halloween overlay of Space Mountain in Disneyland ends, which they call Ghost Galaxy, they’ll swap in Hyperspace Mountain to help build up the Star Wars frenzy leading into The Force Awakens in December. Hyperspace Mountain could appear immediately after Ghost Galaxy ends or they could wait a couple more weeks to do it later in November, but the rumor says we’ll see it before the end of the year.

The new Space Mountain at Disneyland has a system where they can easily, literally overnight, swap in a new overlay with effects and music. Technically they could do it with a simple shutdown and restart of the ride, but due to the amount of downtime (for safety) that sort of thing takes they would do it overnight. In the past they had a horrible Red Hot Chili Peppers overlay called Rockin’ Space Mountain that flopped spectacularly, but Ghost Galaxy has been popular enough to come back every Halloween. It’s likely Hyperspace Mountain will be the most popular overlay they’ve ever done.
Hyperspace Mountain won’t be the only new Star Wars thing at Disneyland leading up to the release of The Force Awakens. The Star Wars Launch Bay in Innoventions will likely open in Disneyland in November (and in Orlando in December). The Star Wars exhibit in Innoventions is about a month away from Cast Members reporting for work for training in mid-October, which means a November opening is very likely. A date is impossible to peg, but if one were to guess it’d be sometime after November 13th when all the Holiday stuff begins at the park.

Of course there are persistent rumors of a 3D preview of The Force Awakens in the Tomorrowland theater where they previously showed other previews such as Guardians of the Galaxy, Big Hero 6, and Tomorrowland. Those movies were made by filmmakers who understood marketing a movie in the 21st century and that you actually have to show something to people in order to entice non-fans to see the film.

Those 3D previews usually had the full involvement and participation of the director, sometimes they even oversaw the promo reel themselves. In the case of Star Wars you have someone who wants to hide every little detail of the movie as long as possible, so if something like this were to show up it wouldn’t be until around the time of the movie’s release…if at all.

Even if Disneyland in Anaheim and Walt Disney World in Orlando doesn’t get a 3D preview of The Force Awakens in the parks, the Star Wars Launch Pad in both parks and Hyperspace Mountain in Disneyland will be plenty of new Star Wars stuff in 2015. That’s not even taking into consideration the addition of The Force Awakens destinations to Star Tours in December. All of this is just a tease of the Star Wars stuff to come as Star Wars Land will begin construction next year!