Rumor: All Six Star Wars Movies Headed to Netflix?


star wars saga

Just in time for the release of The Force Awakens, a new rumor has popped up saying that all six Star Wars movies will begin streaming on Netflix soon.

There’s some evidence for this, seeing as how Disney does have an excellent relationship with Netflix. The only question is in regards to A New Hope as Fox famously barred the movie from Disney’s digital movie service when the digital releases happened back in April.

A site focused on streaming services, Exstreamist, found evidence of all six Star Wars movies in the Netflix streaming database:

“There is some evidence of this potentially becoming a reality when searching deep under the top layer of Netflix’s library for Star Wars titles. There are existing pages within the streaming app (login required to see them) that lead us to believe we’re not that far off from Star Wars streaming on Netflix.”

They even took a screen shot of the entry for The Empire Strikes Back:

With all six Star Wars movies available digitally on most services, having them stream on Netflix for subscribers would be a great move for those people who have never saw them and is timed perfectly for the release of The Force Awakens. Based on that alone, this has a pretty strong chance of happening.