Pacific Rim 2 Delayed Indefinitely (Possibly Cancelled)


Pacific RimLast year fans of Pacific Rim were rejoicing when Del Toro announced that sequel would be coming in 2017. Today news has come out that Pacific Rim 2 is delayed indefinitely and it may not even be made.

The Hollywood Reporter has a story about the drama going on between Universal and Legendary Pictures, and buried in it is this bad news for Pacific Rim fans:

“Legendary wanted to produce a sequel to del Toro’s Pacific Rim, which was made under the Warners deal and turned into one of those films that grosses a lot ($411 million worldwide) while being so costly that a follow-up isn’t a sure thing. Sources say Legendary liked that the original performed exceptionally well in China, where the company is heavily invested, but for now the project — which had been ramping up to make a release date in August 2017 — has been halted indefinitely and will be pushed back (if it gets made at all).”

This sucks. Although we will be getting more Godzilla movies, and the last one was pretty awesome. But that still doesn’t quite take away all of the sting of never seeing Jaegers fight Kaiju again on the big screen.