Teaser for Jon Favreau\’s The Jungle Book



At D23 Expo the footage for Jon Favreau’s CGI remake of The Jungle Book earned a standing ovation, and today Disney released the first teaser trailer for it.

If people were impressed by the CGI in Avatar, the work on The Jungle Book raises the bar for computer generated effects. Except for Mowgli, everything you see in this trailer is CG. The entire movie was filmed on a motion capture stage in Los Angeles, so the computer generated work here is stunningly photo-real.

The footage at D23 Expo featured many of these shots, but also included dialog from all of the characters…including Bill Murray’s Baloo. It also was naturally longer, but this teaser gives you a good idea of how great the all CGI live-action The Jungle Book looks.

Disney’s The Jungle Book hits theaters next April, and here’s the teaser: