A Familiar Face is Filming Episode VIII on Skellig Michael


the-force-awakens-behind-the-scenesIt looks like Luke Skywalker has a bit of company on that Irish island they’re filming Episode VIII on. A face familiar to all Star Wars fans has been spotted coming ashore after filming on Skellig Michael island.

Movie Bit was one of the sites with early word that the filming on the World Heritage site would be for Episode VIII, and they reported hearing of a little person filming there. They’ve since confirmed who it was:

“In reference to our little person comment, we know believe that the little person who came ashore this evening was indeed Kenny Baker, who of course plays R2-D2. Looks like Luke had some company on Skellig Michael!”

So far it sounds like the filming consists of Mark Hamill, possibly Daisy Ridley (her stunt double is there), and now Kenny Baker. If any other actors are spotted, we’ll be sure to let you know. It’s pretty exciting seeing first few days of filming of a new Star Wars movie taking place!