Aftermath Debuts at #4 on the New York Times Bestsellers List!


aftermath-topLooks like the “Give Us Legends” campaign to destroy Star Wars: Aftermath has failed as the book has debuted at #4 on both the New York Times Bestsellers list as well as the USA Today list.

Angry fans demanding that Del Rey cancel the new canon and bring back the old non-canon Legends stories decided to hatch a crazy campaign that included spamming Del-Ray’s Facebook page, posting 1-star reviews on Amazon, and physically harassing people at DragonCon this past weekend. All of this in an effort to destroy the sales of Star Wars: Aftermath and show Del Rey “what fans really want”.

What these “geniuses” didn’t realize is that posting negative reviews actually doesn’t hurt a product on Amazon. The truth is people just look at the number of reviews a book gets, not necessarily the star rating. So by spamming unhelpful reviews devoid of any real criticism, the “Give Us Legends” and “Alliance to Restore the Expanded Universe” folks were actually helping Chuck Wendig’s book sell more on Amazon than if they just ignored it.

The book debuting at #4 is notable as it released on a Friday over a three-day holiday weekend in the US. Normally books release on Tuesday, but despite the strange release date Aftermath sold enough copies to chart.