\’Shattered Empire\’ Introduces Poe Dameron\’s Parents (SPOILERS)


Shattered EmpireToday Star Wars: Shattered Empire hits comic shops and online, and it’s another story in the “Journey to the Force Awakens” set right after Return of the Jedi. The first issue of this four-part series has a major revelation for The Force Awakens, as the parents of Poe Dameron are revealed in the comic.

The main character in the comic is a pilot in Green Squadron named Shara Bey, who was an A-Wing Pilot during the Battle of Endor.

She’s very close to another Rebel named Kes Dameron (a member of Han’s strike team) and they meet up during the victory celebration on Endor:

And they do more than just go for a walk:

Based on early rumors from the Princess Leia novel “Moving Target”, there was speculation that Leia could be somehow connected to Poe Dameron’s parentage. That doesn’t appear to be the case, although there could be a reason why Leia takes such a motherly opinion of Poe in the future. Perhaps something happens to his parents and she looks after him?

The first issue of Shattered Empire is a good start to the mini-series. It’ll be interesting to see where this goes based on what happens in Star Wars: Aftermath.