Lucasfilm Confirms Episode VIII Filming Begins This Month!


Early Episode VIII FilmingFor at least the last six months or so there have been strong rumors of more filming taking place on Skellig Michael in Ireland. Over the last couple months more and more information has come out pointing to the filming being for Episode VIII, and now it’s been confirmed that it will begin this month.

Earlier today Entertainment Weekly posted an article claiming that the filming scheduled for Skellig Michael this month was for Episode VII reshoots. While a segment of fanboys jumped for joy as their conspiracy theories of secret endings played out in their minds, Lucasfilm contacted EW and had them correct their story. The filming is not for The Force Awakens, but for the beginning of Episode VIII:

CORRECTION: Lucasfilm says reports that Star Wars: The Force Awakens would be regrouping for reshoots in Ireland this month are erroneous and that the actual plan is to begin shooting sequences from director Rian Johnson’s 2017 sequel Episode VIII.

This is just more confirmation of what Star Wars fans have known for a while. We heard about it in July, and then at the beginning of last month as well as just a couple of weeks ago.