Hasbro\’s Official Force Awakens Toy Catalog



Nearly a week after the big Force Friday events, Hasbro has released their official catalog of Star Wars: The Force Awakens toys online.

They posted it as a PDF on their website, and honestly this would’ve been helpful for fans to have before heading out to stores last Friday. Instead, they had to go out blind and not know what they would find on the shelves.

The catalog also is limited to the “Wave 1″ toys, which were officially released last Friday. That means the Wave 2 stuff, some of which is already on the shelves, such as the 3.75″ Asty and Sarco Plank figures as well as the 6” Black Series Phasma are not listed in the catalog. There’s no word on an official release date for Wave 2, but like I said many of them are already being sold in select stores so it’s bizarre for Hasbro to exclude them from their catalog.

Hopefully the toy releases for Rogue One and the other Episodes won’t suffer the same secrecy fate that Force Friday did…