Angry Star Wars Fans Try to Torpedo \’Aftermath\’


aftermath-topLast Friday the first post-Return of the Jedi novel in Lucasfilm’s rebooted canon was released, but some angry Star Wars fans are doing whatever they can to hurt its sales.

Chuck Wendig’s Aftermath tells a story set six months after Return of the Jedi and those upset about Lucasfilm re-organizing the Star Wars canon are organizing mass reviews on Amazon spamming the [easyazon_link identifier=”034551162X” locale=”US” nf=”y” tag=”furiofanbo-20″]Star Wars: Aftermath[/easyazon_link] page with 1-star reviews just bitching about the loss of the old Star Wars Expanded Universe:

The “Disney Sucks” Review:

“Sigh…I hope this is not a sign of things to come. Is this how a corporation kills a mythos? Something precious has been hijacked. Beware all who attempt to fix something that is not broken. Hopes were high for a new vision of that we love so dearly…yet all the new permutations are soulless. If you want people to care…you must give them characters worth caring about. Foisting armadas of commercial tourist traps to buy products bolstered only with an emblematic name will not enjoy longevity.Witness how the sacred is sullied. Perhaps the author is hamstrung by Disney demands. Star Wars use to change lives. Now it only changes in change (ie., coinage). You cannot give what you do not have. Only Soulessness remains. And even J.J. can change that….Goodbye to what was good…hello to what wants only to sell goods. .”

The “I can’t let go of the past from 25 years ago” review:

“I’m shaking my head at how Timothy Zahn’s inspired, briliant work can be dumped in favor of this fan fiction trainwreck.”

The “I also can’t let go of the past from 25 years ago” review:

“The first book that launched the POST ROTJ era was Tim Zahn’s Heir to the Empire. Considering the assets, access, resources, and potential Star Wars has now that it is with Disney – this is a far cry from Zahn, or heck most of the fan fiction out there. Save your money and wait for a wiki to summarize the book. This book is bad enough to cause an international book burning.”

The “I love the EU and didn’t read this book” review:

“This book is rubbish! It makes me want to cry to think that they cut 30 years of cannon for this bull crap.”

The “Read 20 year old licensed fan fiction” review:

“If you want to know what happens after Return of the Jedi, read The Truce at Bakura, the Thrawn Trilogy and the rest of the original Star Wars Expanded Universe. This Disney-mandated reboot has been awful so far. Also, you may have seen this advertised as introducing the first LGBTQ character to Star Wars. This is simply not the case. Again, read the EU and you’ll see that there have been plenty before.”

And those were only a few of the more coherent ones, a lot more are just “SAVE THE EU!” and “DISNEY SUCKS FOR KILLING THE EXPANDED UNIVERSE!” hate-reviews posted by delusional minds who can’t let go. And as a result of these organized spam reviews, it’s dragging the overall star review of Aftermath down, which is the goal of these “fans”. If it weren’t for the useless spam reviews, the book would actually be at 3 1/2 or 4 stars.

Where are some of these hate reviews coming from? Well there may be one source found…