You Do NOT Want Hasbro\’s Force Awakens X-Wing…



Of course with all of the new Force Awakens toys out today Hasbro would release a version of the cool black X-Wing in the movie. Unfortunately this toy is not worth your $50 and it’s something everyone should avoid before Hasbro apologizes and pulls this piece of trash off store shelves. They need to re-release this toy to fix the issues, otherwise the upcoming Force Awakens toy line may end up being the worse run of Star Wars toys Hasbro’s ever made.

As you can see in these images taken by a poster on the RebelScum forums, the cannons and nose cone can come out of the box horribly bent:

Even worse, the exclusive Poe Dameron figure the vehicle includes can barely fit into the cockpit without squeezing his arms inside it:

In comparison, the $80 LEGO version of the X-Wing is one of the best toys on shelves today for The Force Awakens. Hopefully Hasbro realizes how bad this X-Wing is and fixes it pretty quickly.