Our Force Friday Results – What are Yours?


ForceFridayEvery new Star Wars movie brings with it new toys and a midnight rush to toy stores to pick up the new characters, vehicles, and anything with a Star Wars logo on it. For the release of The Force Awakens, Disney created a Force Friday marketing campaign, which got everyone worked up in a frenzy for the first new Star Wars movie in a decade.

Like most fans last night I decided to go to a midnight opening. I decided on Toys R Us because it was tradition following the Prequels, and when I got to the closest Toys R Us a little after 9:00 last night I was about fifty people back in the line:


It’s Toys R Us, they had to have enough toys for everyone, right? I was wrong.

After a three hour wait in line they began letting people in. As I got closer and closer to the entrance I started to hear groans from the front of the line. They had run out of the exclusive posters, likely because people showed up…bought nothing…and walked out with multiple posters. About five minutes after midnight I made it into the store only to find out everything was sold out. The first 10-15 people in line cleared the shelves of everything, despite Toys R Us having a sign outside the store saying people would be limited to 3 of any item. That rule wasn’t enforced so about 200 people were sent packing last night with nothing, myself included.

So I went home and decided to check the Walmart close to my house. This is the one who infamously put Force Awakens on the shelves early only to not actually be able to sell any of it. They pulled most of the stuff off shelves the other day, except for a Rey Speeder and a Nerf Blaster. When I got there at 12:45am both of those toys were gone but they still hadn’t put out the new stuff yet.

Being tired I went home to bed and got up this morning trying the same Walmart again. They now had the toys out but were pretty much sold out of anything. All of the Black Series Kylo Rens and Stormtroopers were gone, leaving only a Rey, Finn, and Chewie. I grabbed the Rey and Finn as those would likely be sold out elsewhere in town and headed out to Target.

The higher class Walmart known otherwise as Target has a bigger selection of stuff in their holiday corner. Some tumblers, mugs, $20-$25 wall art, etc. They too were cleared out of Black Series figures except for Chewie, but they had a bigger selection of the 3.75″ figures remaining. I did score the Pop Vinyl BB-8 bobble-head, which was really the only Pop I wanted this time, and decided to hit the second Walmart in the area.

Like the first this Walmart was cleared out. They even had a smaller selection remaining than the other location, so I grabbed a couple of T-Shirts and that Kylo Ren water bottle I wanted and headed home:

What was your Force Friday experience like? Did you end up with nothing, or a good haul of stuff? Share your experiences via this Facebook post or in the comments below.