Trailer for the Amazing Sphero BB-8 Toy



The Tickle Me Elmo of 2015 was officially revealed this morning as Sphero has released a trailer for their BB-8 app-enabled droid.

We explained to you yesterday how there are two different remote-controlled BB-8 toys coming out. There’s a $79 version that’s exclusive to Target, which is NOT the Sphero version everyone wants. Sphero’s BB-8, which uses the exact same technology the full-size BB-8 does, and is sold at these retailers for $149.

The droid is controlled by an app that’s compatible with iOS on any iPhone newer than a 4s, iPads running iOS 8, and most Android phones. They aren’t specific about what Android phones can run it, but since a iPhone 4s can handle the app that means most Android phones within the last three years should be OK.

BB-8 is by far the coolest toy for The Force Awakens this year, but based on the limited number of droids that people have seen at stores it could be one of the hardest toys to get this year: