That BBFC Force Awakens Trailer is Real, But Probably Not New


The Force Awakens Teaser 2Yesterday the internet was buzzing about the BBFC classifying a new Force Awakens trailer for release on September 11th, which is just next Friday.

While some people claimed that the British Board of Film Classification (which is basically their MPAA) made a mistake and the listing would be removed today, that seems to not be the case. Not only is the listing still available on their site, but we believe we know what the trailer could be and where it’ll show up.

The classification specifically says it’s for home video use. Digging into the drop-downs on the listing you’ll see that the distributer is listed as Buena Vista Home Entertainment. That means this trailer was cut specifically for a DVD or Blu-Ray release in the UK.

Disney is releasing Season One of Star Wars Rebels on DVD/Blu-Ray on September 14th in the UK, and some are saying you’ll be able to buy it as early as next Friday. The US release of [easyazon_link identifier=”B00YY3NUUQ” locale=”US” nf=”y” tag=”furiofanbo-20″]Star Wars Rebels Season One[/easyazon_link], which hit stores this week, included the second teaser for The Force Awakens as a bonus feature on disc one of the set.

Now the normal “Teaser B” for The Force Awakens is 1:51 and this new BBFC rating applies to a 1:39 version, which means it’s likely the same trailer but without the green MPAA information. It’s unknown if it’ll include any new footage, but it doesn’t quite sound like it’ll be an all-new trailer if this is indeed intended for the Rebels release.