Marvel Studios Disbands the Creative Committee


marvel-studios-00Following Kevin Feige gaining full control of Marvel Studios, the Creative Committee has now been disbanded and that means very good things for Marvel movies going forward.

Birth.Movies.Death has confirmed that the Committee, which often dragged down development, is no more:

“Over the years I’ve heard many stories of the Creative Committee giving notes that are pedestrian, motivated by ‘save the cat’ story logic and sometimes a drag on creativity. One Marvel creative talked to me about battles with the Creative Committee where they focused on details of nit-picky science that ignored the general tone of the script itself. The notes that drove Edgar Wright off Ant-Man came from the Creative Committee. What’s more, the Creative Committee was often very tardy with their notes, making movie development a much slower process. All of the Committee members have other, very important jobs, so you understand why that would be the case, but it was a pain for filmmakers. And that’s before taking into account the political divisions within Marvel that also created friction with the Creative Committee.”

This is very good news for the Marvel Cinematic Universe as it unshackles the people who really need to make the decisions. One could only imagine how awesome Infinity War and Captain Marvel will turn out now that the Creative Committee is gone…