Skellig Michael in Ireland Confirmed for Episode VIII


Early Episode VIII Filming

We’ve been hearing for a while that Episode VIII filming would begin in Skellig Michael in Ireland, and an Irish official has confirmed that the filming is indeed for the next episode in the Star Wars Saga.

The Irish Times has an interview with the Irish Minister of State who clearly says the island will be featured in two Star Wars films:

“I think that this will expose Skellig Rock to the world and I think it will bring thousands of tourists over time to Skellig Rock, weather permitting,” Mr Deenihan said. “Both Star War films are going to show what a gem Skellig Rock is to the world.

“It’s a Unesco World Heritage Site, though obviously not everybody knows that,” he said of Skellig Michael. “But its inclusion in two Star Wars films is going to expose it to an audience of billions of people around the world, and personally I think that is a good thing.”

Skellig Michael is where the final scene of The Force Awakens was filmed, which means Episode VIII will likely be picking up right where the last movie left off. Since there’s only about 18 months between the Episodes it could also mean there could be less of a time gap between them than there was with the movies of the Original Trilogy.

When word of the filming on Skellig Michael first came out, some fans wanted to believe that it was for additional Episode VII scenes. Some are extremely unhappy with one element of the story and they subscribe to elaborate conspiracy theories that JJ Abrams was going to go secretly film more scenes with a certain character, despite doing so actually “breaking” the story he and Kasdan set for the movie. This is the same mindset that lead some to believe that 9/11 was an inside job.

This confirmation today that Skellig Michael is being used for Star Wars Episode VIII should hopefully diffuse some of those conspiracy theories, but with the internet the way it is that probably won’t happen.