Lucasfilm Did Not Spoil The Force Awakens For You


After the Instagram teaser for The Force Awakens came out on Thursday, some people have been crying on the internet that Lucasfilm decided to spoil a major event in the movie in at 15-second tease. Ignoring the fact that anything officially released be it in a teaser, trailer, poster, or official still isn’t actually a spoiler, Lucasfilm didn’t spoil anything for you from the film.

The big thing people are complaining about is naturally Finn using the Lightsaber at the end of the teaser, thinking it’s a major moment from the film that was spoiled. Lucasfilm released the Drew Struzan D23 promo poster showing Finn using the saber, and he’ll be prominently featured on Force Friday promo posters as well.

JJ Abrams loves his secrets, and you better believe that he wouldn’t allow the marketing to use something very prominent if it was a major spoiler for the movie. Even Lucasfilm took to Twitter to try to diffuse the worry that they spoiled a major event:

@OneWingedCaius @JeremyJahns We're pretty sure the big moments haven't been revealed.

— Star Wars (@starwars) August 28, 2015


Finn is shown using a lightsaber so much in the marketing because he’s the one who uses it for the majority of the movie. At the same time them showing that in the marking is actually a bit of misdirection as what that teaser doesn’t show you is what happens after that scene between him and Kylo in the forest. That secret is being saved as that’s one of the big payoffs in the movie and the fulfillment of one of the new character’s arc, and it’s likely something they will want to not spoil. And just in case some fanboys start daydreaming, it doesn’t involve Luke.

Those worried that Lucasfilm has already spoiled Episode VII for you can stop worrying. They haven’t. Those who think any trailer, picture, or poster is a spoiler really can’t be helped.