The Force Friday Embargo is Now Ridiculous


ForceFridayLikely due to the director of The Force Awakens liking to keep everything secret until the last minute, there is a gestapo-style embargo on all Force Friday products.

Despite many products including action figures, LEGO sets, clothing, and even household items leaking early and actually being put out for sale in some stores, there is still a deadly embargo on all information about what people will be able to buy on Force Friday. Disney wants people to spend money on the merchandise, but one week ahead of time and people still have no idea what they’ll be able to buy. People do need to plan finances and budget money for something like this, but without knowing what will be waiting for them in stores that’s a little hard to do.

Sites have been trying to help fans find out what they’ll be able to buy next Friday, but they’ve been punished with Cease & Desist orders and copyright claims on images of product sitting in public on a store shelf:

Even stores that have started to sell items related to The Force Awakens are facing harsh consequences for doing so:

Perhaps that’s why Walmart is actually putting product on store shelves, but not actually allowing anyone to buy it:

Want to know the craziest part of this Force Friday embargo? Disney is holding a special “Merchandise Event” at Walt Disney World and Disneyland where people can pay $50 to get early access to The Force Awakens merchandise including exclusive items only available at the theme parks. Exclusive park items? That sounds pretty cool, doesn’t it?

Due to the Force Friday embargo, Disney is not allowed to tell people what these park exclusives are that they’re requiring people pay $50 to get access too:

“Unfortunately we are not able to share information about any of the new items that will be available to purchase.”

They want you to fork over $50, but they can’t tell you WHY you’d want to pay that much just to get access to some exclusives because they are not allowed to tell you what those exclusives are.

This iron grip of secrecy around The Force Awakens has hit a ridiculous level, and I think every Star Wars fan will be very thankful once JJ Abrams has nothing to do with the franchise anymore.