Rogue One May Have a Very Wide Aspect Ratio


rogue-one-final-logoBack in June we found out how Rogue One: A Star Wars Story would film with 6K cameras, and now more information is out pointing to a very wide aspect ratio for the film.

At the great Hateful Eight San Diego Comic Con panel, Tarantino talked about the 70mm anamorphic lenses that they used on the movie and how they didn’t know how they’d react to the cold. That movie is the first since the 60s to use these lenses and now Rogue One will be the next one.

The Playlist confirmed that the Panavision 70mm lenses used on Hateful Eight will be used on Gareth Edwards’ Rogue One. This doesn’t mean the movie is being filmed in 70mm, as we know it’s using the new Alexa 6K cameras digitally. But if they put the 70mm lens on that 6K camera they can achieve a very wide 2.76:1 aspect ratio basically emulating the very wide feel of 70mm but digitally.

If that does happen, it’ll make Rogue One have the widest aspect ratio of any Star Wars movie.