Why the Force Friday Unboxing Event is Amazingly Dumb



Lucasfilm has announced a world-wide Force Friday Unboxing Event where YouTube “celebrities” from Maker Studios will open up new Force Awakens toys next Friday. The problem with something like this is it’s completely unneeded and is actually incredibly stupid.

Here’s why.

The general purpose of an “unboxing” is to reveal a product that you normally couldn’t see without opening the packaging. It’s popular with high-end phones and deluxe collectors editions of games that include a lot of cool stuff. But that doesn’t really apply to toys…

Most of these new Star Wars toys are coming in clear blister cases where you can SEE the toys inside them. You don’t need someone on YouTube opening the box to show you the toy:

Disney has been doing these unboxing videos recently with the Disney Infinity 3.0 figures, and it seriously makes one wonder who they’re targeted to. Does Disney think we’re really living in Indiocracy now? Are people so stupid that they can’t see through a clear plastic bubble to see the action figure inside?

Basically Lucasfilm is expanding this dumb idea that Disney started with Disney Infinity and applying it to Force Friday and the new Force Awakens action figures. But I’m not saying Lucasfilm is to blame for this, it smells of some marketing “genius” at Disney basically forcing them into it to give the Maker Studios YouTube people something Star Wars-related to do.

Not to mention over the last couple of weeks all of the toys have leaked online, many people have already bought them, and the fans who want to see them already have. So instead of giving fans something of substance from The Force Awakens, Disney is doing a fluff piece with YouTube “celebrities” aimed at the Disney Channel crowd. This is really the first mis-step Disney has made with the Star Wars brand.

Look, I know Disney is trying to figure out uses for the Maker Studios “celebrities” they spent so much money on, but they could probably figure out better things for them to do than to open up action figures that are already in see-through plastic packaging!