Walmart Taunts Star Wars Fans With Un-buyable Force Awakens Merch


kylo-tfa-packaging-630We’re only a week and a half away from Force Friday when all of The Force Awakens merchandise is released. And while many stores are actually selling some stuff, Walmart is actually taunting fans with Force Awakens merchandise they can’t yet buy.

Last night while in the cesspool of walking human trash known as the local Walmart I noticed a new display featuring Kylo Ren’s face. Since that’s the packaging for The Force Awakens merchandise I went to check it out:
Upon closer inspection they were water bottles. One featured Vader and another had the A New Hope poster image with the Star Wars logo, but there were also two Force Awakens ones.

There was an awesome Kylo One bottle with some new artwork on it:

And a cool BB-8 cup:

Since they were only $7.50 I decided to try to buy the Kylo Ren one. Unfortunately Walmart’s computers wouldn’t allow the bottle to be purchased yet (because they’re not supposed to be out until September 4th I guess). The computer spit out “Sale Not Allowed” when they scan, which likely means Walmart got yelled at after another store accidentally put out all of the action figures and they wound up on eBay last week.

This means if you’re in a Walmart and you see a display of The Force Awakens merchandise out before September 4th don’t get too excited. You likely won’t be allowed to actually buy the Force Awakens stuff they have on the floor for sale due to their computer system not allowing it.