The Force Awakens Will Take Over Every IMAX Screen For a Month!


Force AwakensWe know that The Force Awakens will be playing in IMAX, but now that stint will actually be for an entire month.

According to The Hollywood Reporter not only will the movie play on IMAX screens for at least four weeks, it’ll also play on every single IMAX screen in the country:

“For Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Imax is going big — really big. For the first four weeks of its run, set to begin Dec. 18, J.J. Abrams’ sequel will have all of Imax’s large-format screens in North America and most of its foreign screens to itself. Imax reserving all of its screens for a single movie for a month is not unprecedented, but it is unusual. The company had a similar deal for the three Hobbit movies, but it struck that pact four years ago and hasn’t made that type of commitment since.”

Typically movies play on IMAX for a week or two at most. As they say, this also happened with The Hobbit trilogy, but having The Force Awakens do it for a month is a special occasion. The entire movie isn’t in the IMAX format, but the big escape from Jakku on the Falcon that’s shown in both trailers is presented in full IMAX. I’ve seen the second trailer on 70mm IMAX with that scene filling the screen, and it’s definitely worth the extra money to experience it that way.