Rumor: The Next Blade Film Will Focus on His Daughter



There’s been some murmurs of Marvel resurrecting Blade with Wesley Snipes, and the new rumor says the next film will focus on his daughter.

According to Bleeding Cool, Marvel plans to make Fallon Grey the focus of the next Blade film. She’s the Daywalker’s daughter, and will be the focus of the relaunched Blade comic Marvel is planning for later in the year. As Marvel generally will build up a character in the comics some 18 months prior to a movie or TV show appearance, this lines up with what Marvel would do.

Bringing Snipes back as a mentor is a cool idea. It could canonize the previous Blade movies, as there really isn’t anything in there that wouldn’t make sense being part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe so they wouldn’t really need to recast the role. I don’t think fans would even accept anyone other than Snipes as Blade…