The Force Awakens\’ Maz Kanata Will Not Be Seen Until Release


The Force Awakens Teaser 2

The Force Awakens’ non-human supporting character Maz Kanata apparently won’t be seen by audiences until the movie releases on December 18th.

That’s the word from Lupita Nyong’o who plays the short alien who plays a big role in moving the story forward. She told Fandango at D23 Expo:

“Well, the easy part is you don’t get to see me until you see the film. All you get is dots on my face.”

Maz’s arm was seen in the second teaser trailer for The Force Awakens as she hands Luke’s Bespin saber off to Leia. You could see a blurry edge of her face in that clip, but we apparently won’t see the character until the movie releases.

Is this a deliberate thing to avoid people going into a Jar Jar panic when they see a combination CG/puppet character? Or is it just another annoying aspect of the Mystery Box? Here’s the video where she says that about her character: