Have the Star Wars Spoiler Wars Crossed a Line?


The Force Awakens Teaser 2There’s a really great article out there on the internet today that wonders if a recent event may change things for Star Wars sites who like to post spoilers.

Firstly a little bit of background. Last week, on the second day of D23 Expo StarWars7News.com leaked an image of Mark Hamill in his Force Awakens Luke Skywalker costume standing in the 3D scanning rig that’s used to create action figures and other merchandise. Lucasfilm sent out harshly worded cease & desist letters to almost every site hosting the image, and for the most part sites complied and the image was yanked from the internet within an hour of it going up.

In the past Lucasfilm has been very aware of the spoilers being posted and outside one legal issue with Imageshack over a Kylo Ren image, they’ve been pretty lax with fansites. If you post leaked Lego or Hasbro images, those companies will send you letters, but overall Disney and Lucasfilm themselves haven’t really put their foot down.

The Star Wars Post ponders whether or not the leaking of that Luke image may change the spoiler game forever:

“The act of putting Luke’s image online knowing the importance of it in the film was something I expect TMZ, HeroicHollywood or possibly even a Hollywood Trade would do. Not a Star Wars Community Fan site. “What good does it serve?” I remember telling my wife as she rolled her eyes at me. It’s not like they are going to get a mass parade of hits because the image was only up for an hour. It’s not like they were some unknown and needed to pick up all these new readers. So if not for the hits or increased visibility then what? What possible good can come from taking this step by showing the image? They could have described it as they have done in the past with their earned credibility amongst their readers. Why disrupt this delicate balance that I believe found success after these long months? Was it for bragging rights? To show off? I cannot answer this question as only that site can.”

“What that community site did was wrong and should not be repeated. To do so would risk the existence of not only them but all the Star Wars community fan sites that carry the news. Sites that have for years maintained the brand and increased its presence on the internet and social media. There is a big difference between some concept art or a Lego package compared to a photo Luke Skywalker sitting in a 3D photo rig. It is this Authors hope that this incident doesn’t change the unspoken, unwritten borders of our sandbox that we have played in this last year. I am disappointed in that community fan site but I believe that people sometime make mistakes. “

Max makes some excellent points in his write-up there. Head on over to Star Wars Post and read his full piece. It’s something to think about, and in some ways worry about, in a time when we’ll be getting a new Star Wars movie every year.