The Masters of the Universe Reboot is Happening…Again


Masters of the Universe RebootThe Masters of the Universe reboot has been on again and off again for many years now, but it looks like it may be happening…again.

Variety reports that Sony has hired the writer of Thor: Ragnarok to write the reboot:

“Set on the planet of Eternia, the story follows a warrior named Prince Adam who has the power to transform into the heroic He-Man. His nemesis is a villain named Skeletor who seeks to conquer a fortress known as Castle Grayskull in order to learn the secrets held within.”

No mention of travelling to Earth there, which is a good sign.

As cheesy as it was, I have fond memories of the original live action movie. I can’t completely hate it, but I’d love to see a big budget Masters of the Universe that doesn’t head to Earth and is set entirely on Eternia. And yes, Orko is a must!