Lucasfilm Trademarks New Character Names



One way to find out new Star Wars names is to search the US trademark database, and Lucasfilm has recently registered two new Star Wars character names.

YakFace noticed that Lucasfilm filed trademarks for two character names on the 14th of this month: Valara and Mon Destra. These were registered as applying to educational services, which means they plan to use them in many different ways.

What are these for? There are three possibilities:

  • They’re names for The Force Awakens. This is probably the least likely as most major characters are already known for that movie.
  • They’re for Rebels Season 2. Lucasfilm uses the Rebels characters heavily in educational materials due to the target audience of the animated series, and as the Rebels are meeting up with the Alliance in Season 2, Mon Destra could be a leader they interact with.
  • They’re names for Star Wars: Rogue One. That movie has recently begun filming, and Lucasfilm would want to trademark key names from the cast. Could Valara be Felicity Jones’ character?

We’ll probably won’t know for sure what part of Star Wars these apply to for a while, but there are two new names to keep an eye on…